S full-stack web framework that lets you leverage the power of Rust and fine-grained reactivity to deliver interactive, stable, and powerful web applications


A Rust crate implementing a Tower middleware that rate limits APIs based on the Generic Cell Rate Algorithm. Can use a wide variety of keys, including IP or user ID


Blazingly fast Markdown to HTML compiler with syntax highlighting for a variety of languages. Runs in the browser and on the server

Praxis Cycles

Praxis Cycles is a bike parts supplier that does over a million dollars in annual sales. I redesigned the site to a media heavy layout, optimized image distribution, and massively decreased page load time

Praxis OEM Site

Praxis' OEM site is a login only site that lists their hundreds of available parts for dealers to purchase. I built the frontend using Remix, React, and TailwindCSS. The backend is a custom rust GraphQL server linked to Airtable and Sanity for data entry.