AKABen Wishovich

I'm a Software Engineer and Full Stack Web Developer, living and working in the SF Bay Area. I graduated from San Jose State with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and then made the jump into software QA and web development.

I've been coding and building things since High School, and have helped build a variety of projects. Everything from mapping software for UAVs, motor controllers for automated vending machines, to electric motorcycle diagnostic software.

I currently work in SQA at Zero Motorcycles, designing and build software to diagnose and test electric motorcycle firmware. In my spare time I build web experiences using Python, TypeScript, and Rust along with React, Remix, and Svelte. Currently exploring the boundaries of web development with WASM, GraphQL, Remix, and Svelte.

A white guy with blue eyes, dark hair, and glasses. Kinda looks like Harry Potter. Can totally dance

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